Runitas Technologies

More than just effective management software, database and storage service
The technology needs of our corporate clients are changing simultaneously as the technology evolves every single day. In the “Digital Age” we live, the most valuable assets of the corporations are their own data. Particularly the competitive markets and institutions are to be successful thanks to the data they have.

Founded in 2016, RunITas Technologies is one of the most innovative organizations of the IT sector in Turkey. With its dynamic nature that can keep pace with evolving technology and by capturing different perspectives, it is able to produce perfect enterprise solutions.

Its working principles are reliable, honest, committed and dedicated work with a wide expert and experienced team owning all related certifications. RunITas specializes in storing, effectively using and enabling security of the data owned by the corporations.

RunITas is successfully able to present the most appropriate sector based solutions in the fields of cloud computing, data storage, database management, backup, archive solutions, server solutions, virtualization, disaster recovery and business continuity, with leading industry partners.


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